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Workshop on the Development of National Human Rights Plans to Follow Up the Implementation of Recommendations Issued by International Human Rights Mechanisms

29 January 2024

Speech of the Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Resident Coordinator in the State of Kuwait at the opening of a training workshop in cooperation with the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on "Workshop on the Development of National Human Rights Plans to Follow Up the Implementation of Recommendations Issued by International Human Rights Mechanisms"

H.E. Sheikha Jawaher Al-Sabah, Assistant Foreign Minister for Human Rights of the State of Kuwait

Mr. Mazen Shaqoura, Regional Representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for the Middle East and North Africa

Your Excellencies Ambassadors

Colleagues, friends, ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, good morning,


I am honored to stand before you today to address this esteemed assembly on our collaborative efforts and commitments to human rights in the State of Kuwait.

I would like to start by congratulating the State of Kuwait's for its recent membership at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) which further exemplifies its commitment to promoting and safeguarding human rights on the global stage. Kuwait's active participation in the council provides a platform to contribute its unique perspectives, experiences, and initiatives to the international human rights discourse. This involvement signifies a willingness to not only uphold its own human rights standards but also to contribute constructively to the advancement of global norms and practices.


The United Nations’s partnership with the State of Kuwait reflects a shared dedication to upholding the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Over the years, we have witnessed Kuwait’s unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where every individual's dignity and rights are respected.


Kuwait's engagement with UN mechanisms at various levels and mandated institutions, with the Esteemed Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the forefront has been instrumental in promoting human rights. Through dialogue and cooperation, we have collectively worked towards advancing social justice, promoting gender equality, and ensuring the protection of vulnerable populations. The Government of Kuwait's initiatives, such as its national action plans and legislative reforms, underscore its determination to create a society where human rights are a cornerstone.


It is imperative to acknowledge Kuwait's strides in aligning its domestic policies with international human rights standards. Our collaborative efforts extend beyond rhetoric, manifesting tangible improvements in areas such as education, healthcare, People with Disabilities, Women’s rights and labor rights. This reflects not only a commitment to human rights but also a dedication to sustainable development.


Kuwait has demonstrated a commendable dedication to improving its human rights record by actively engaging with OHCHR recommendations and following up on Special Procedures towards implementing international mechanisms of human rights. The ongoing dialogue between Kuwait and the UN reflects a commitment to continuous self-assessment and improvement and a willingness to address challenges, implement reforms, and align policies with international human rights standards.


A significant milestone in Kuwait's commitment to human rights is the establishment of the National Diwan of Human Rights. This institution serves as a pivotal platform for fostering dialogue, engagement, and collaboration among various stakeholders, including government officials, civil society organizations, and the public. The National Diwaniya stands as a testament to Kuwait's dedication to transparency and accountability, reinforcing the commitment to creating a society where human rights are not only upheld but actively promoted at every level.


The United Nations has always and continues to stand ready to provide all necessary support. As we move forward, let us reaffirm our joint commitment to strengthening the partnership between Kuwait and the United Nations. By leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we can further enhance mechanisms for the protection and promotion of human rights. This includes strengthening institutions (capacity building), empowering civil society, and fostering inclusive dialogues that amplify the voices of those often marginalized.


Last but not least, I express my sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs represented by Sheikha Jawaher, Assistant Foreign Minister for Human Rights Affairs, for Kuwait's continuous collaboration and reiterate the UN's steadfast commitment to supporting the nation's efforts in advancing human rights, where the principles of equality, justice, and dignity are not just aspirations but the lived reality for everyone in Kuwait and beyond.


Thank you , Shukran Jazeelan

Public Information Officer

Asmae Ait ssi

Public Information Officer
Ms. Ait ssi key functions are: Contributes to strategic advocacy and programme communications in support of the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF); chairs and coordinates the UN Communication Group; Assists in partnership building and media relations;Provides substantive support for digital communications; Supports publications and branding management; Assists in the local promotion of United Nations global communications and advocacy priorities on the work of the United Nations in other key thematic areas.
On 9 March 2008, Asmae joined the United Nations Resident Coordinator and United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative Office in the State of Kuwait as Executive and Knowledge Associate. With over 15 years of relatively significant experience, a track record of strong relationship and partnership building with National and International stakeholders and host government, authorities and institutions, Civil Society Organizations, mass Media and the Diplomatic community in Kuwait. Served as a Coordination, Partnership and Communication Officer, contributing to continuous process improvement in the face of rapidly evolving and changing environments. Asmae is also supporting conference management and high-level missions’ coordination, maintenance of UN protocol procedures and high-level representation. Have supported and contributed to the success of large international conferences, signature events/activities such as the UN General Assembly summit, Agenda 2030 SDGs good summit, UN Day celebrations, Syria pledging conferences 2 and 3, Iraq Reconstruction Conference and the Yemeni Talks, the Arab League Summit, the Arab-African Summit, Special Human Rights Procedures/Rapporteurs and the UN Security Council and UNTalks forums.

Asmae’ s background lies in leading and supporting operations, teams, and processes to propel advocacy initiatives while realizing enhanced corporate success and productivity. She has supported the UNRCO in the
identification and implementation of visionary strategic objectives set by the United Nations Country Team to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in accordance with the County’s vision and aspirations. With a developed political acumen and negotiation skills and familiarity with the local and regional context, Asmae can effectively advocate and communicate with partners the strategic objectives of the UN Country Team and provide sound assistance in the promotion of United Nations global communications and advocacy priorities through new advocacy tools building and media relations, providing substantive support for digital communications and publications and branding management.
Asmae holds a Master’s degree in Social Science, in International Management from the University of Liverpool 2015.

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